Bjoa – Gråhorgja 740 MASL

 Gråhorgja - Klikk for stort bilete

Bjoa – Gråhorgja 740 MASL (meters above sea level)

Access and parking:

Follow Fylkesveg/countyroad 543 from Ølensvåg to Innbjoa, ca 15 km alongside the fjord. Turn left at the sign for Dalen. 

If you choose the hike up to Gråhorgja, you have two trail options:

1. Start from Leite; drive up the hill that leads towards Dalen. Parking and information tables on the left-hand-side.

2. Start from Kolbeinshauglia; follow the roadsigns towards Dalen, at the second crossroad follow the signs to Eikås. Turn left just before crossing the Eikås bridge and follow the forestpath to the timber-loading-site/ parking area.    


”Red Hike” - The hike up to Gråhorgja is marked as a ”red hike” as the steep hills can be considered too challenging for children.


1. To Gråhorgja from Leite

From Leite the hike takes about  2,5 hours to reach the top of Gråhorgja, which is 740  MASL.

The trail starts on a forestpath that leads to the northern end of  Bjoavatnet (lake). From Bjoavatnet the trail continues on a forestpath which gradually inclines. After covering some distance in the logging-field  the trail divereges from the forestpath and goes on to follow the marked track all the way to the top. Husafjell (mountain) is the first view point you encounter, but the track continues into an open terrain with a far-reaching view, covering most of the hike. Spectacular view from the top! 

2. To Gråhorgja from Kolbeinshauglia

The hike takes about 1,5 hours to reach the top, which is 740 MASL.

The trail starts on a forest road, heading south-east through Ølsdalen (valley). From the forest road the trail shifts to the left-hand side forestpath. After covering some distance on the forest path, the path continues on to a narrower trail on the right-hand side. Look for signs. The first part of the track covers some steep terrain, but as you cross the forest/tree boarder  the incline flattens into a more comfortable terrain. During the hike the view covers Dalsbruket and Skrefjellet, as well as the south-facing Bukkanibba and Vats.


Other hikes in the area:

From the parking place on Leite there is also a marked track that leads to Hovda; an enjoyable hike for the children where you can also find picnic benches to enjoy the view over Bjoa-bygda and the fjord.

From the parking place in Kolbeinshauglia there is a forest road that leads all the way to Ølensvåg. As well as being a very suitable walk for those who bring pushchairs and prams, the road is also used by cyclists. Either as a return cycle, or down to Vågen and back to Bjoa via Fylkesveg/countyroad 543. 


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