Ølensvåg - Bukkanibbo on Lempedalsfjellet 558 MASL

Bukkanibbo - Klikk for stort bilete

Access and parking:

Turn off from  E134 and continue about 300 meters on  R543 towards Bjoa and park at the bus stop next to the old school. Follow the sign post towards Dueland. The hike can also start from Bjoa via the old forest pathway towards Kolbeinshauglio which starts right next to Eikåsbrua (bridge).


The hike is about 9 km including return and will take about 3 hours, depending on your walking pace and interest in the surrounding wildlife.


”Rid-hike” – challenging.  


From the parking area the hike starts off on the actual road towards Dueland before you diverege onto a forest path towards Brurasteinen where you exit in the western direction to continue the rest of the hike on a narrower trail. The trail is in a bad condition and covers some wet terrain so there has been made an alternative route that skips the worst wet patches. The top is quite high up so there is an excellent view over several villages such as Ølen, Vats, Stord, Tysnes and Sveio on clear days.


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