Sandeid – Lysenuten 812 MASL

Lysenuten  - Klikk for stort bilete


From Sandeid, drive towards Vikedal and turn left towards Østbøfeltet neighbourhood. Ca 1 km after you have passed the Shell station, take the second exit on the right-hand side and continue to the very top of the neighbourhood where you will find an info tablet.


Park alongside the road where the road is wide enough for the private residents to pass or exit their courtyard.


The hike up to Lysenuten takes about 2–2,5 hours one way.  


”Red-Hike” – Challenging.


The first part of the hike is covered by a good trail that leads through the forest and up to a viewpoint. From thereon you walk though a bit of marsh before you get back onto a good trail that continues through the mountain pass and leads you all the way up to the peak. 


Lysenuten is 812 meters high which makes it a phenomenal viewpoint. After the second world war the peak was inhabited by a large radar station for several years, and is today considered a vital point for communication equiptment.


From the top of Østbøfeltet neighbourhood there is a good trail leading all the way up to Lysenuten. The start of the trail can be a bit difficult to find, but make sure to follow the sign posts. Walk up along the excavated channel and across the bridge. From the bridge onwards the trail goes through a steep forest terrain, which flattens as you approach the bench by the viewpoint. After a short distance through the damp marsh the trail continues through the steep mountain pass and all the way to the top.

The hike encounters a substantial amount of incline and is therefore considered challenging. The view from the top however, makes you forget the struggles of actually getting there. On clear days the view is absolutely amazing, as you can see all the way to Stavanger (city) south, Stord (city) north, Folgefonna (glacier) East and Utsira (island) west.


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