Skjold - Vassnuten 461 MALS

Vassnuten  - Klikk for stort bilete

Acces and Parking:

Alternative 1:

Park right next to the open yard at Tveit farm, owned by Kristian Voll. To get there: drive from Solheimskrysset on E134 towards Ølen. After about 800 meters, take the left exit, next to the  the advert sign   and follow the road on the righ-hand side.  

Alternative 2:

Park by Bjordalstunet and walk directly from the farm onwards. To get there: exit the E134 in Isvik, continue towards Vikebygd and follow the sign posts to Bjordal.

NB! Parking fee applies.


The hike from both Tveit and Bjordal takes about 2 hours including return. If you choose to hike to Vassnuten, the hike takes approximately 3 hours including return.


”Blue-hike” – Moderate.


1/3 of the hike is covered by a tractor track, whereas the rest of the hike continues though open landscape on trail. Parts of the trail goes through the marsh so good footwear is key.  

Guidance\ Info:

Alt. 1.

Follow the marked tractor tack that runs on the down side of the first house you encounter. The tractor track is a bit steep at first but it flattens before you continue on the narrower trail (the part where you pass a bench is where the trail starts to flatten). As you get to the sign post, turn right and follow the marked trail all the way to the top. The mail box can be found on the edge of the top, facing east. Great view! You can see all the way to Longåsdalen (valley) and Bjordal (valley).

Alt. 2.

Follow the tractor track in towards Longåsdalen. Ca 100 meters before you get to Longåsdalsvatn (lake), turn right by the sign that says ”vassnuten rundt”. Follow the tractor track some distance until you reach a sign that says ”vassnuten”. By Longsdalsvatnet after ca 500 meters on the tractor track you will find a picnic bench and resting area. By the sign post, turn left and continue on the marked trail until you reach the top. The mail box can be found on the edge of the top, facing east. Great view! You can see all the way to Longåsdalen and Bjordal.

Vassnuten ”round-trip”:

In this case, the hiking instructions are based from Vassnuten onwards. When reaching Vassnuten, follow the sign posts towards Longåsdalen. The first part of the trail covers some marsh. The descent towards Longåsdalen is steep, but the trail is good. When you come down, follow the tractor track to the left. After about 5-600 meters you will get to Longåsdalshytta (name of  cottage), where you can find picnic benches and the signature mail box. From the cottage the tractor track follows on to Longåsdalsvatnet. In the far end of the lake you can find a picnic bench. About 100 meters after the picnic bench you have to choose the right tractor track to get back to your parking. Either towards Tveit farm, or towards Bjordal. You can do the hike in the opposite direction as well. Remember to keep your dog in a lead and to close all gates.


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