Vats – Hike to Grånuten 531 MASL.

Grånuten - Klikk for stort bilete

Access and parking:

Drive 5 km from Knapphus towards Nedre Vats to Kårhus and park next to the nursing home (sjukeheim). In the parking area you will find an info tablet including maps which describe various hikes that start at Kårhus as well as other hikes in the Vats area.


3 km hike up to Grånuten.


It takes about 1,5 hours  to reach the cairn at the top of Grånuten, and  about 2 hours and 15 minutes including the return walk.

Difficulty: ”Red-Hike” – a challenging family hike. As well as the steep tractor track at the start there are a few areas of incline throughout the hike.


The hike follows the 2 km curving  tracktor track  along the hillside before diverging  when you reach the gate. From the gate there is a marked trail that leads you through a leafy forest and terrain before reaching the tree boundary where you start to gain some view of the surroundings.


The hike starts on a good tractor track on the north-side of the nursery. Follow the sign posts as you incline. This is a nice hike, but it can be challenging. Up along the tractor track you have a good panorama view of the village below. Remember to have your dog on a lead as there are sheeps around. When you diverge from the tractor track further up, you pass through a gate on the left-hand side before you encounter a rougher tracktor track  for about 300 meters. Follow the sign posts and continue on to the marked trail on the left-hand side. Here, you can enjoy the peace and quiet amongst the trees and listen to the bird’s singing, and maybe even spot some of the regional wildlife. From the top of Grånuten you have a beautiful view in multiple directions. If you want, you can continue your hike onwards to Fuglen (mountain) and down to Haukadalen (valley) to E134 by Krakk. The trail in marked all the way there.


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