Vikebygd – Dyrskarvatnet 449 MASL

Dyrskarvatnet - Klikk for stort bilete


The hike starts at Skartlad, 13 km from Isvik. More specifically, the north end of Skartlandsgrenda.


With a normal walking pace the hike takes about 2-3 hours.


”Red hike” – challenging.

Hike Description:

Follow the trail towards Såtå along the tractor track that runs across the field. The trail goes on to face some  incline through the pine forest and leads you all the way to the top of Såtå. Feel free to write your name in the log book (inside of the mailbox) before you continue your hike. The trail onwards encounters shifting terrain such as pine forest and marsh until you reach Dyrskarvatnet (lake) which follows on directly after the tree boarder. The mailbox can be found on the rocky shores east of the lake. From the lake there is a marked trail that leads up to Trodlanibbå which lies directly above Vikebygd (village) center. The hike from Dyrskarvatnet to Trodlanibbå takes about 1 hour. From Trodlanibbå you can walk down to Vikebygd center.


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